The Peninsula Collection

Quality German pipe, affordable price.
Runs 9mm Dr Pearl filters.

$99.00 (product prices include all taxes)



Introducing our quality line of German pipes at an affordable price.
Vauen pipes are world renound for their consistency in quality and contemporary aproach to pipe designs.
Any Vauen pipe from our Peninsula Collection will make the perfect starter pipe or new addition to your rotation with a nice selection of styles and finishes. As with all quality Vauen pipes, they run a 9mm charcoal filter to ensure a cool, smooth smoke with each draw.



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Style and Finish

Black Rustic No.1, Black Rustic No.2, Black Rustic No.3, Black Rustic No.4, Black Rustic No.5, Black Rustic No.6, Eliza Rustic, Eliza Smooth, Portsea Rustic, Portsea Smooth, Sorrento Rustic, Sorrento Smooth