House Blends Discontinued

For those of you that smoke our House Blend roll your own, I’m disappointed to say we’ve had to discontinue them.

The blends have been part of our portfolio for over 24 years and it’s sad to see them go. I can still remember when my wife and I put our life’s savings into these blends and hoped that our customers would like them, luckily they did.

Unfortunately Denmark is no longer producing fine-cut tobacco which is where it comes from. The decision came without notice so we had no opportunity to buy up which would have kept it going a little while longer.

As you know we have 10g sample packs for most of our blends, so for tobacco of equal quality and additive free our Auld Kendal blends from the UK are the closest.

They have a great range of flavours and for our plain House Blend Virginia smokers, you have 3 blends you could try: Auld Kendal Gold blend which is a mild Virginia, Auld Kendal Virginia which is slightly stronger or Auld Kendal Dutch blend which is a naturally sweet Virginia.

I’m confident our RYO customers will find a substitute for their favourite House Blend. No mass-market tobacco comes close in quality to our Auld Kendal blends because they only use quality leaves and no stem.